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  • Nance Harding, MAHS-LPC

The Symbolism of the Well

Updated: Feb 23

Symbolically, the well taps into the Source, the invisible waters of life that flow through hidden recesses in the unconscious. Unlike a spring, the well requires human work to dig, construct, and draw the water up, and the bucket can only hold a limited amount. This suggests the conscious excavation of our dreams and our most hidden selves, the ego effort that seeks to plumb the depths of the unconscious, draw up its inner wisdom, and yet is limited in how much it can take in at one time.*

The required infusion of conscious attentiveness toward a creative “welling up” from the depths is beautifully put by an alchemical text: “If thou knowest how to moisten this dry earth with its own water, thou wilt loosen the pores of the earth … ” (CW 14:189)



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