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  • Nance Harding, MAHS-LPC

The Heart of the Matter

Deep within are buried

the unmentionables where

kept under lock and key

they blend and defend . . .

The Heart of the Matter.

It takes a lifetime or

is it a series of lifetimes

to find the lock that fits the key

that opens the secret door to . . .

The Heart of the Matter.

Like an archaeological dig

layers of earth cover and then reveal

old memories built one upon another.

Handled with great care they lead to . . .

The Heart of the Matter.

Then like ancient artifacts valued now

but not then, the unmentionables are

placed behind a door locked with the key.

To keep them safe within . . .

The Heart of the Matter.

Art: Retour de Voyage, Leonor Fini, 1985


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