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  • Nance Harding, MAHS-LPC

Amor Fati

It was the dark god shape-shifting to fit

my hubris who taught me long ago

to beware of morphing into that

which was first found revolting.

I was an old woman before this god gave me the knife

wielded for my freedom. It was he who gave me

strength to endure until the winnowing of a wisp

revealed the flower in full bloom.

It was his dark skin and warm embrace during that long

night-sea journey where gleaming soul sparks

first mistaken for fireflies, birthed a fascination

strong enough to stir within the desire to return.

To return to the seashore of the mind to surrender

and return to surrender again and yet again

that which belongs to him while keeping

safe within what belongs to her.

This is how fate is transformed into destiny.

Amor Fati, 2021

Art: L'homme aux Masques, Leonor Fini, 1949


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