Through informed and creative dialog including solution-focused counsel, I consult with adults who are reorienting to what C.G. Jung called the archetype of the Self.  Some call this god.  Others call it the archetype of wholeness.   
I partner with clients to create a therapeutic learning environment where individuals become more consciously aware of patterns inhibiting the ability to live creatively. 
Please see the description of the services offered in the drop-down menu. 
I am licensed in Texas and Louisiana and in some cases may be able to provide a diagnosis (no pathology) with proper invoices for reimbursement.  In other cases, I will provide invoices for tax purposes. 
Since 9/11, I've worked internationally using various meeting platforms.  I currently use Zoom.  
For more information, call 512-577-6069.  If you would like to read my resume, education, and awards, please go to LinkedIn. 

Nancy A. Harding, MAHS-LPC

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