Nancy A. Harding, MAHS-LPC


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Young Adult

As a way to give back, I mentor young adults with a diversity of interests, life goals, and career tracks.  Session fees are based on ability to pay.


We will work together to identify your inherent talents and passions and the life skills necessary to optimize these in order to carry you through the first half of life.


For some, midlife challenges with health, career and/or family may play a role in uprooting the best laid plans.  


I will work you to create the conditions for renewal to occur and in developing fresh approaches to living that will benefit you as you move into this new season of life.

Post Careerist

Sometimes, post career can feel like you’re poised at the front end of time with no place to go and no options from which to choose.


I will work with you to identify some very important questions that may not have easy answers but can assist in ushering you across a threshold into a creative dialogue that leads to renewal.


Together, we will explore what is calling you so that your Autumn becomes a season ripe for new beginnings.