The focus of the consultation is insight-oriented with an emphasis on providing individualized and creative support, counsel, and .   archetypal pattern analysis.  
Although I am licensed in Texas and Louisiana, I no longer practice traditional psychotherapy.  If you have a mental health issue requiring clinical work, please contact your insurance company for the network provider's list.  In some cases, I can provide a diagnosis with proper invoices for reimbursement.     
Since 9/11, I've worked online using various meeting platforms.  I currently use Zoom.  
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I mentor young adults with a diversity of interests, life goals, and career tracks.  

Knowing how to manage Time, Money & Elan' Vital or vital force energy is key to the transformation of an individual life from that of follower to leader.  


I will guide and support you while you become the chief enlightened officer (CEO) of Me, My Soul & I, Inc.  

Sliding fee scale is available for this service only.

Body & Soul

Living creatively in a body that says no requires an open heart, mindfulness, acceptance and imagination.   


We will partner to investigate how you can best contribute to your own healing when a cure is not in the immediate future.  I only work with those who are willing to follow an integrative medical approach which includes alternative forms of treatment. 

My personal experience of learning to live and thrive with an incurable autoimmune disease informs my work in this area.

Post Career

If aging feels like you're at the front end of time planning on a downward slope, it is a call from Soul for deeper meaning.   

Once the careers are made; the children are gone and all you have dreamed is true - or not - psycho-spiritual issues related to this life stage often call for a new attitude and life direction. 


Via creative dialog, dream analysis, and insight-oriented counsel and practical application, you will be able to reimagine this stage of life, 

Nancy A. Harding, MAHS-LPC

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