Through informed and therapeutic counsel, I consult with adults as they reorient to the following:   
  • Retirement
  • Burnout due to over-commitment and/or workaholism 
  • Living and thriving while managing chronic health issues
  • Psychospiritual issues related to aging and mortality
My work is informed by training in the depth psychologies including C.G. Jung's analytic psychology, archetypal pattern recognition, and work as an international executive career consultant guiding others during critical events such as 9/11, Katrina, the Great Recession, and the Pandemic.
I am licensed in Texas and Louisiana and in some cases can provide a diagnosis with proper invoices for reimbursement.  In other cases, I will provide invoices for tax purposes. 
Since 9/11, I've worked online using various meeting platforms.  I currently use Zoom.  
For more information, please call 512-577-6069
For more professional information about me, please go to LinkedIn. 

Nancy A. Harding, MAHS-LPC

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