Creative suffering is the term I use to describe navigating the order-disorder-reorder patterns of transformative change.   It is the art of learning how to consciously carry the individual and transgenerational burdens of the past.  This takes us out of pathology and into exploring a narrative or different story about what happened to us.  
There are three phases to the art of creative suffering - acceptance, discernment, and certitude, or faith in that which is greater than the ego or little self.  Through therapeutic and creative dialog including solution-focused counsel, I support and guide adults through this compassion-based process.  
I am licensed in Texas and Louisiana but no longer practice traditional medical model mental health counseling or psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  I can provide a non-pathological diagnosis for insurance reimbursement or invoices for tax purposes.
If you suffer from a mental illness, please call 1-800-662-HELP.   
Since 9/11, I've worked internationally using various meeting platforms.  I currently use Zoom.  
For more information, call 512-577-6069.  If you would like to read my resume, licenses, education, and awards, please go to LinkedIn. 
The Art of Creative Suffering  

Nancy A. Harding, MAHS-LPC

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