If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us that suffering runs through the whole texture of human life. It is an experience that most of us are confronted with, in one way or another, and a thing all of us wonder about.  Through ever-deepening stages of acceptance, discernment, and faith, we can learn how to carry or be with our suffering without turning it into a pathology.

To this end, I
 offer therapeutic and creative mentoring including solution-focused counsel to adults.  My approach is based in analytical psychology, executive coaching, compassionate inquiry and faith in the client's inner process.  The methods I use to assist in recognizing unconscious patterns include bibliotherapy, film, dream analysis and archetypal pattern recognition.   

My work is well suited to those experiencing critical transitions demanding a change in perspective and approach to well-being.  I am licensed in Texas and Louisiana.  I can provide a non-pathological diagnosis for insurance reimbursement or invoices for professional development expense purposes.  

Since 9/11, I've worked internationally using various meeting platforms.  I currently use Zoom.

If you suffer from a mental illness, please call 1-800-662-HELP.    

For more information, call 512-577-6069.  If you would like to read my resume, licenses, education, and awards, please go to LinkedIn. 

The Art of Creative Suffering