• Nance Harding, MAHS-LPC

The Way of the Compassionate Heart

Updated: Aug 22

For many complicated reasons beyond a Pandemic, humanity is reorienting. In western cultures like ours, there is a tendency to favor a highly rational materialistic approach to life. We forget that nothing is lost in the great eternal return* where there is an opportunity to compassionately open our hearts to what has happened to us.

This is where you and I are important to the outcome.

When the individual decides to reorient, it takes time, patience, and the ability to humble one's self to the greater wisdom. Then we are better able to take the inner pilgrimage where we redeem the compassionate heart. This inner transformation can then take place no matter where you find yourself on the grid of spacetime.

The clip below is an excerpt from Cloth Paper Dreams where we follow one man on his pilgrimage of faith, another on his journey of devotion, and a third on his quest for purpose. * It is an example of the art of creative suffering.

*The Myth of the Eternal Return: Or Cosmos and History

*Cloth Paper Dreams - A Short Film by Greg Davis