• Nance Harding

Oh, Say Can You See!?

Updated: Sep 3

Poem previously published in the Ellipsis Journal, University of New Orleans, 1982

I'm sharing the poem as an example of Jung's active imagination. It came to me one night during another stressful time politically. President Reagan hadn't been in office but a few months when I awoke to these words. It was edited very little before it was published. It can be read as just one woman's mad ravings or as a warning. It reminds me that as far as politics are concerned, it is the same old stuff; different century.

Oh . . . say can you see

by the dawn’s early light

the shining egg wash

on the apple pie

Mama baked last night.

Oh . . . say can you see

at the twilights’ last gleaming

the funny yellow haze

scaring the city

while the dragons lay dreaming?

OH! say can YOU see

the bombs bursting in air

while Uncle’s hubris

gingerly fingers

our most barbaric flair?

Say! Can you SEE

the mirror images

cast before grinning

teeth made white by years of

fluoridated Kool-Aid?

You! Seeeeeeeee

the great ball

with pockmarks

from greasy

grimy gooey

Yum yums.


The ESTers

The questers

The charismatic flip

flops turned white

with doughboy fear.

Nance Harding, 1982

Nancy A. Harding, MAHS-LPC

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