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  • Writer's pictureNance Harding, MAHS-LPC

In Gratitude, We Learn How to Love

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

It is the Thanksgiving season in the U.S. and we are supposed to express for what and whom we are grateful. I share this in gratitude to all those who choose to stay in relation with one another weathering the storms of life until a better day emerges.

During the Pandemic, many of us have suffered in our relations with others, including me. My family has lost more than one relative and numerous friends to death - some by Covid-19 and others from one disease or another. A reminder that true love stays even when the loved one doesn't. To quote C.G. Jung, life is but a luminous pause between two great mysteries, of which both are the same.

And this is the great mystery called life.

So join me in gratitude for those we love even if we're arguing; even if we think we no longer care. Most importantly, remember you can't give love and compassion to another if you do not possess them already. This beautiful award-winning 1-minute Iranian film - Thursday Appointment - reminded me of this.

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