• Nance Harding, MAHS-LPC

A Tricky Transformative Transition

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The pupa stage of a butterfly’s life cycle is a transition lasting from a few weeks, a month, or even longer. Some species have a pupal stage that lasts for two years. It may look like nothing is going on but big changes are happening inside.

It is the same for humans. We are like Mother Nature's rambunctious teenage children. Most of us don't want to stay long enough in the pupa stage of becoming. Look to our common mother to understand the transitions within the transformation.

We do not transform without going through many life transitions as we make our way from childhood to senior adulthood. Learn to be patient and kind with yourself first for individually, we can not give to the other what we do not possess.

The following flowed from me during an intellectually intense study of archetypal patterning. As the trance of intellectualization began to fade, the following flowed during an active imagination, one of the ways we can access the creative potential some call god:

By all the Holy Names of God,

Transform . . .

my pride into praise,

my covetousness into contentment,

my lust into love,

my anger into advocacy,

my gluttony into generosity,

my envy into evangelism,

my sloth into service.

For alone . . . the I of me cannot SEE.

Image: Hakon Grimstad at Unsplash

Poem: The Seven Transformations

Nancy A. Harding, MAHS-LPC

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