My Story

My respect for the power of the collective unconscious to influence the individual was honed in childhood experiences of the highly charged archetypal energy fields of the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches of the Gulf South in Texas and Louisiana.  


As a sensitive child with a mystical bent and a love of Nature, when not in church, my entertainment consisted mostly of swimming and fishing in the many creeks, bayous, and rivers that eventually conflate with the mighty Mississippi at the delta near the Gulf of Mexico.   

These early lived experiences of nature and religion informed the peculiar unconscious patterns meandering like rivers through my psyche until over time they forged a riverbed that imperceptibly changed the course of my life subverting my plans in favor of what Carl Jung called the greater wisdom.  

My search for those who know something of the confluence of psyche and matter is how I eventually learned the art of creative suffering, where the individual bends the egoic will to the archetype of wholeness in order to transform fate into destiny. 


Over the years, my love of science and learning would lead me to study, and train with leaders in the business world and the professional fields of depth and analytical (Jung) psychology, religion, psychotherapy, and medicine.


Now, I am rooted in the soul while being informed by the science which prepared me to counsel, advise, and support others learning to navigate the order-disorder-reorder patterns associated with archetypal experiences.  

Nancy A. Harding, MAHS-LPC

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