My Story


In May 1995, two pivotal events changed the course of my life forever.  The first was being accepted into an internship in Object Relations, one of the depth psychologies and an integral part of my midlife career change.  The second was hearing my doctor deliver a challenging and life-changing diagnosis. 


There on the threshold of a new beginning that didn’t match any of my well thought out plans, I heard the still small voice of Psyche calling to me intimating a new way of life.  I quit my job in medical sales and delayed the internship in favor of a two-year strategic retreat.  During that time, my adventure would spiral up and down the halls of traditional medicine, and the New Age world of past life regressionists, psychics, and spiritual healers.  It was the 1990s and I was living out the Austin, Texas motto -  keeping it weird

During a search for a healer named Daniel,  who lived in a hut next to a cenote in the jungle south of Akumal, I began to accept that there are transpersonal and transcendental forces beyond our control that beg for a deeper understanding as well as the cultivation of compassion for self and others.  I now refer to the time as the great humbling


Over the years, my personal preoccupations morphed into consulting work with an international professional services firm and a private psychotherapeutic practice that appeals to adults struggling to come to terms with chronic illness and other life challenges including retirement and psychospiritual issues related to aging and mortality.


Today, I continue to study with analytical psychologists, creatives, medical practitioners, and scientists interested in C.G. Jung's analytical psychology and the new sciences.   Currently, I'm seeking certification in archetypal pattern recognition at Assisi Institute: The International Center for the Study of Archetypal Patterns.


I live in New Orleans with a black cat named Baby Girl and a man who happens to be one of my best friends and husband.  He follows his own path and together we make our way through the labyrinth called life. 


If you would like to read my resume and/or credentialing, click the LinkedIn icon below.   

Nancy A. Harding, MAHS-LPC

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